Native American Tea Company's Affiliate Program

Thank you for your interest in our free affiliate program. Our program is different because you do not have to have a website or blog to earn commissions. Just a love for our products! By joining our affiliate program, we will pay you a commission on sales generated by your sales link.

We pay commissions on everything. That means if your link was clicked by a consumer (your brother, friend, anyone) or by a store (your local natural foods store, a museum gift shop, Walmart, etc) we pay 15% if they purchase on our website. These types of commissions add up very quickly as we have some customers that order thousands of dollars worth of product monthly.

We have a vast array of customers. From grocery stores to world famous museums and historical sites. The potential for your passive income is substantial. Here are some of the types of retail stores that currently sell Native American Tea products:

  • Health food stores (both national chains and local stores)
  • Coffee shops
  • Spas
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • In-room tea service for hotels (We have over 20 hotels that carry our tea for both in-room tea service and use in restaurants and breakfast nooks)
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals
  • Gift shops (we have hundreds of trading posts, boutiques, and gift shops)
  • Grocery stores
  • Native American hotels and casinos
  • National monuments, historical societies, and national parks (the Smithsonian, Mount Rushmore)
    Many more

We offer traditional banner ads for those of you with websites and blogs. But, we also offer our easy to use 1 Click Share System. This allows you to post your affiliate link directly to Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linkedin or send an email to your friends and family with only one click. The content is written for you! Or you can adjust the content the way you see fit. Cookies are good for 60 days.

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